140322 SJM Press Conference Fan Account Compilation


Hyuk sitting on table and wook doing sit ups. Other members taking selcas with phone and fans screaming!!! Pls post selcas cr @sj_iriszhu

Hyuk bangs up, hae bangs down with shades. All in black and will take off jacket mid way. Dance step include jumping up and down tables!! cr @sj_iriszhu

Wooh office setting is moved on stage!!! Like MV!!!!  cr @sj_iriszhu

Talking about other thinfs, before the fans enter the venue, they (SJM) went in to rehearse, while going up the stage Hyukjae spread his legs but didn’t spread high enough, got stuck half way and nearly fell, the members at the side and back hurry held him. He himself was laughing and scared at the same time  cr @woonwookhaehyuk

In midst of one of the rehearsals donghae lost his shoe LOL Cr @mish_shellx  [Blue_浅光SJ团站]


donghae: long time no see, i am donghae. qin ai the bao bei men cr fluffyharu

\Kyu said the same things again. u are now watching Kyuhyun… @Luv_Opera:



Hyuk: donghae one made a mistake while dancing And i still remember his eyes~looking at the cameraman like he lost his gf.  If one member makes a mistake, we have to do it again. We dont hate the member who makes mistakes, but i hopr he knows 60 staffs have @eSTARstar

Hyuk said they filmed Chinese/Korean version MV <33 @the_Chess:

Mc: were there any funny episodes with desks during filming
Kyu: no there are no episodes @eSTARstar

Henry said that My love for u is the first song he wrote with chinese, previously he used english  and then translate to chi.cr: ShineHyuk trans via  Mikolah @Luv_Opera

Zhou Mi: (in regards to their image) We can’t be students because we are not that young anymore so we are portraying as working adults cr @teukables

Hyuk: first, we will try our best to meet chinese fans, and we plan to perform on korean music programs cr estarstar

Hyuk: there are a lot of points in the dance ..i feel like doing the whole dance..

Everyone: !!!

Hyuk: but theres no time so I shall show one part cr  @teukables:

Siwon and Hyuk kept playing with the chairs, siwon pushed his chair down, then pushed hyuk’s down and the push his own’s up. cr:崔始源吧 via Luv_Opera

My love for you is an ost song for henry drama @sj_iriszhu

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Hyukjae’s Solo- With you cr syazureq 


Donghae’s Solo – Wonderland  cr syazureq

When You Cry  cr syazureq

I Wanna Dance cr syazureq

Oh No! cr syazureq

Haru cr syazureq

10 yrs pandapinat

The VCRs

cr syazureq

cr: 源又圆



140304 EunHae’s Concert in Nagoya – Set List & Fan Accounts

Set List

cr: witheunhae via Sup3rJunior

Fan Accounts (note not in order)

cr: witheunhae

Donghae solo – in denim vest, is a new song, has dance, has lyrics containing words like ‘baby my love’

kiss kiss dynamite the cheoro is kissing fingers cheoro (via eunhaebemine)

Blur hae danced wrongly but went back to his position

IWD donghae wearing white jacket & black spots, hyukjae in black jacket & white spots, both in black & white pants (via mish_shellx)

hyukjae asked donghae what was the next song and donghae said “mr simple” and sang a short part. then they performed bari 5, wearing the new clothes seen in MV and was holding water guns and aiming at the fans (via mish_shellx)

donghae ran to upper stage and hyukjae stayed on the lower stage opened his arms and waited for donghae to jump (via mish_shellx)

hyukjae: it is the first time we hold a concert so we are very nervous, did everyone buy the album? which song did you like? hello? mr simple? there isn’t mr. simple !! donghae what song did you like?
donghae: huh ??
hyukjae: this mood…. (via mish_shellx)

eunhae asked if everyone was tired then said they were tired then said they will tell everyone something they dont know… (via mish_shellx)

hyukjae: today is the first day, if there are any mistakes, please do not worry (via mish_shellx)

kiss kiss dynamite – hyukjae in red, donghae with grey shirt and white pants, both their jackets had accessories on the chest on the right side  (via mish_shellx)

During “Love that i need” Hae took a D&E lightstick and pretend to hit hyuk! (via 亲亲赫宰_StillEunHaeOppa)

[韩希羽0604] via mish_shellx

VCR was of eunhae protecting a treasure chest and fighting off other people

donghae: I am the D in DE donghae! hyukjae: I am the E in DE eunhyuk!!

D&E: we feels hot because everyone is very passionate, can we strip? D: today we take off clothes, tomorrow we take off pants

champagne girl had a club feel to it, there were 2 female dancers, holding champagne glasses, hyukjae had a red scarf tied around his wrist, donghae’s scarf was on his belt

At the end, eunhae were holding hands on the stage and bowing, then hugging each other ♡

hyukjae: to describe the feel of nagoya, let me use the most recently learnt japanese to describe it – “the phone cannot be connected right now”

Luna appear onscreen but her lips and the song doesnt sync properly, eunhae saw it and laughed

ten years – eunhae were sitting on separate ends of the stage then stage moved them closer and hyukjae stretched his hand out to donghae and donghae kept touching hyukjae’s palms

what will we do with everyone after 10 years, everyone yelled marriage then hyukjae said he will marry everyone after 10 years, donghae said he will be everyone’s boyfriend

hyukjae: during rehearsals we prepared a lot of ‘good’ photos of each other to present

donghae said he prepared a lot of never seen before pictures of hyukjae and will show everyone after the tour ends~

hyukjae showed the picture of donghae with no eyebrows again LMAO

hyukjae: yesterday someone from korea sent me a funny picture of donghae, so we will show it tomorrow~ a hint is that the photo was during one of our holidays, so other members are present as well

hyukjae: today’s concert finished bye!
donghae: bye!
*hyukjae ran away*
donghae: now it’s my own concert!
fans: ah !!!!
donghae: sorry, maybe next time! *also runs away*

donghae: i will make everyone a promise in my heart. these 2 months, we will study japanese very hard, and will uses phrases that everyone has not heard of before to express our thoughts

hyukjae: on 120101, me and donghae said this line

donghae: what was it?

In 2012, we came back from china, and decided to look at the sunrise together, then we said, if we were to hold a concert, then we would show everyone this video we took at that time

@ ponzu122: via reio66

[trans] (D&E concert 3/4) When they ask if the fans can understand Korean Language and they said yes, Donghai said “you are intelligent! Bikkuri atama!!”.

*Bikkuri = surprise, Atama = head
Not sure how to translate it~ lol

the Japanese words that Eunhyuk recently remember is, “I can’t answer the phone right now. Please leave your message and your name after that beep, BEEEEEP!!!!”

*in short the words that he recently remembered is the words from the answering machine~ xDD

[trans] (D&E concert 3/14) Donghae who was to,d to use Nagoya dialect.
Donghae: ” *i am reaaaaaaally happy that everyone came.”
Eunhyuk: “where is the nagoya dialect?”
Donghae: “happy~!”

*hae tried using nagoya dialect in expressing his happiness~ xD

[trans] (D&E concert 3/14) after the ballad, donghae said “why are you good at singing?
Eunhyuk: “It’s because I am the main vocal of Super Junior!!”
Donghae: “Me too!!”

“When you say it, the dream will come true”
Thank you for the nice words.

“We can do it in Tokyo Dome! Let’s work hard!!”

NT : this post will be updated as I get more time to look up fan accounts !!

Post by Princess V ~ (the resident avid eunhae shipper that will do her best to update about the concert!)

[BULK ORDER] EunHae’s Japanese Album “Ride Me”

 Preorder for Eunhae 1st Japan album [Ride Me]

Release date: 26th February 2014

Deadline for the Album: 10th February 2014

Deadline for the payment: 17th February 2014

* please be aware that we only accept payment via PayPal in USD*

【CD version 】

Media preview
01.Bari 5 !
02.Oppa, Oppa
04.Teenage Queen
06.Kiss Kiss Dynamite
07.Android Syndrome
09.Love That I Need feat.Henry (Super Junior-M)
11.Ten years
12.Champagne Girl
13.Let It Go

Price : 27USD

【CD+DVD version 】

Media preview

(Jacket Photo)

Media preview

(Sleeve Photo)

01.Bari 5 !
02.Oppa, Oppa
04.Teenage Queen
06.Kiss Kiss Dynamite
07.Android Syndrome
09.Love That I Need feat.Henry (Super Junior-M)
11.Ten years
12.Champagne Girl
13.Let It Go

◆Oppa, Oppa -MUSIC VIDEO-

Price : 39USD

【ELF JAPAN version 】

Media preview
01.Bari 5 !
02.Oppa, Oppa
04.Teenage Queen
06.Kiss Kiss Dynamite
07.Android Syndrome
09.Love That I Need feat.Henry (Super Junior-M)
11.Ten years
12.Champagne Girl
13.Let It Go

◆I WANNA DANCE -Release Event Digest-

(including exclusive gift for ELF JAPAN version only)

Price : 32USD 

* please be aware that we only accept payment via PayPal in USD*
If u would love to order from us please send email to superauselfs@yahoo.com.au  with:

Subject: Eunhae Ride Me Preorder



Address: (including postcode)


Number of order :CDx? + DVD&CDx? + ELFx? (which version and how many)

Paypal account:

Images Credit: @0203KYU0105EUN:

131106 Super Junior 8 Years Anniversary Photo & Twitter update

From SMTOWN Weibo



“Super junior is flying to Mexico for the SUPER SHOW 5 Concert in MEXICO CITY!!”










Siwon’s twitter update

“I love you ” hyuk til da “@AllRiseSilver “

Embedded image permalink




Eunhyuk Twitter update 1

“@siwon407: I love you ” hyuk til da “@AllRiseSilver give me your love “maon”

Embedded image permalink



tweet 2

“사랑하기 때문에 할 수 있었던거 알죠? 멕시코,런던 공연 잘 하고 올께요! 8년동안 사랑해줘서 고마워요 우리도 더 사랑해 줄께요~ 엘프만세! 슈주만세! 우리는 슈퍼주니어에요!!!!!”

Trans: do you know we did this for you right? we will do well for our concerts in Mexico and London  and then coming back! In these 8 years, thanks you, we are going to love you more, ELF lives forever, SJ lives forever! we are Super Juni-or !!!!!

Embedded image permalink



tweet 3

“케미 쩔….”

Trans: looks similar …

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Tweet 4


Trans: in the resting room

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Tweet 5

“이번 출장은 와이스타일 여권지갑과 함께!”

Trans: working overseas with Y-Style passport holder this time!

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Tweet 6

“공항까지 나와주신 기자님들 감사드리구요~ 포토월과 레드카펫, 케잌까지 준비해준 SM스탭분들 고마워요!!! 멕시코,런던 슈퍼쇼 잘하고 올께용”

Trans: thank you for all the journalists who came today, SM staffs who prepared the photographic wall, red car carpet and cake, thank you!!! we will come back with finishing the concert well



Donghae twitter update 1

“슈주 오랫가자 ^^ 늘 고 맙 고 사 랑 한 다 !! SJ & ELF”

Trans: SUJU Let’s walking until the end ^^ thank you I love you SJ&ELF

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Tweet 2

“8주년 기념 !^^ 5학년때 핸드볼 선수일때 :) 왼쪽 밑에서 세번째 ^^ 동해입니다 멕시코 , 런던 Super Show5 다녀올께요”

Trans: 8 years anniversary! ^^ i was one of the members of handball team when i was in year 5:) at the left bottom the third one ^^ is donghae. we will back after Super Show 5 in Mexico and London!

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Heechul instagram update 1

“Super Junior 8주년 축하축하합니다♡ 우리도 Elf들도 수고했다. 난 영국, 멕시코를 안가기 때문에 공항패션만 찍고 다시 감ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 여자들은 잘 모르는 <LOL> 리신… “

Trans:Super Junior 8 years anniverary, congrats congrats ♡ members and ELF are hwaiting I am not going to London and Mexico. i’ll leave after taking the airport fashion photographs ㅋㅋㅋㅋsome girls may not know <LOL> , this is monk cos-play



instagram update 2

“이건 리신이 아니라 그냥 병신인데..”

Trans: this is not Lysine, this is just an idiot…



weibo update

“Super Junior 八周年了,祝贺祝贺,同时还要感谢大家!对于现在不在我们身边的朋友也一直觉得有点对不起,同时也要感谢他们!周觅和henry这段时间也很辛苦,但是一直牵着哥哥们的手走到现在,谢谢你们!还有最重要的 ELF,谢谢你们”

Trans: Super Junior 8 years anniverary, congrats congrats and thank you everyone at the same time! I feel sorry to the friends that i am not by their side at the moment but thanks them at the same time! ZhouMi and Henry were working hard these days, but they held hands with hyungs until now, thank you! The most important ELF, thank you [男孩儿][女孩儿]


Translation by Admin sunnie

Please take out translations with credits



SuperAusELF is back with a new bulk order project ! This will be for Super Junior’s Winter single “Blue World”. There are three versions !! We have a slightly different ordering system this time in order to make it as cheap as possible for Australian ELF


Deadline for expression of interest: 15/11/13

Deadline for payment: 2/12/13


Once you have expressed your interest, we will get back to you ASAP with shipping prices (that is after15/11/13)  but on estimate they will be around $10 per CD (depending on what edition/  how many people order it) and you should receive them within 2 weeks of release.


This time we are trying a system of ordering half off the site where you can purchase ELF edition and the normal editions off YesAsia.  For the normal editions this will allow for cheap express shipping if many contribute to it ^^

Method of Payment: Paypal, I will send those an invoice this time.


Any questions? Let (admin Vic) know by dropping a mention to the fanbase on twitter (@superauself) or via email (superauselfs@yahoo.com.au)

When expressing interest please fill out this form and email it to us superauselfs@yahoo.com.au :

Name :




Version of CD + Quantity:

*to be updated with album art*


Prices (note with these I’ve made a small allowance for currency fluctuations as last time the AUS dollar dropped a lot before we made the order >/////<) 

Blue World ELF Edition – $26 AUD

ELF Japan version (CD Only)
1. Blue World
CD Extra
Live Digest Clip – SS5 in Tokyo

1/9 Trading Card

1. Blue World
3. Blue World (less Vocal)
4. CANDY (less Voal)

1/9 Trading Card


CD+DVD version $24 AUD


1. Blue World



Blue World -Music- Clip

Off Shot Clip

1/9 Trading Card

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[HD]130903 Idol Star Athletics Championship FanPic – Henry





Opening!! B team 

Cr as tagged


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Henry with Exo Kai

Cr. as tagged via.Gra_TangForKris


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Henry selca time with Exo Kris

Cr. as tagged


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Henry’s twitter update 

With Kris at MBC Idol Star Olympic Sport Championship


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Such lovely boy 

Embedded image permalink

Henry!! Are you trying to run?? lol

Embedded image permalink

Stop betting your thumb!!!

Cr. adorablehenry




It’s Henry !!

Cr as tagged



Embedded image permalink

with Exo Kris


Cr. all my love exo

Henry is holding hand with Infinite Dongwoo

can I say there’s couple…? lol

Cr. infinite France


Embedded image permalink

Henry with Infinite Hoya



Embedded image permalink

Henry twitter update

with Exo Suho @ MBC Idol Athletics Championship


Henry and Exo Suho

Embedded image permalink

looks like they won something!!! 




Cr as tagged 



Cr as tagged


Cr as tagged


Cr. Lia <3 ky_17x


Smtown Facebook update


Embedded image permalink

“where are you?”

“oh hey man” 

Cr. sjmthanks


Article by Admin sunnie

we do not owe these photos please take the full credit