Kyuhyun Birthday Project

AusELFs please show your interest in the project, both postcard and donations 🙂 i’ll appreciated if your guys can make any interesting and lovely postcard !! if anyone is interested in, u can send a tweet via twitter or send us an email 😀


“Journey of Music”

Kyuhyun’s birthday project by:

@KyuhyunFacts @GAMEkyulogy @SJnELF @StayTrueToSuju @KYUdom

Korean fansite @__shiningstar__

and Kyuhyun for SPARKYUindo in Facebook


The reason why we choose this project is because we know that Kyuhyun loves visiting beautiful places. He loves holiday! We’d like to present the travel world through his eyes. To show the power of a Postcard to inspire 🙂

So, we invite you to collect postcards from all over the world!

  • The postcards must reflect your country’s or city’s culture, or scenery, or food, or anything unique from your place!
  • You may write your birthday greetings behind your postcard. But remember to keep it short (100 words maximum). You could also do drawing or just write a simple “Happy Birthday” and where you come from. The message must be in English, Korean, or Chinese. We will be translating the messages…

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