121201 Starking Shindong Hit Watermelon cut with Eng translation

Shindong: this (before hitting the watermelon)
he cut it in by his finger!!!

Super Power Shindong!!!!

Kanghodong: there is a person like this

shindong looks like he has been shocked by his fingers

KHD: what is the standard of this kind of cutting

Boom: let’s see

KHD: this is Shindong

super finger!! iron finger Shindong

The guy in blue: i want him to be my student

KHD: Shindong do u want him to be your teacher?

Shindong: do i need to?

KHD: what’s the chance of doing this (broken the watermelon by fingers) for normal people?

White shirt guy: there are 10 out of 100 people

Shindong is a iron finger legend!!

[ video by simhy1 via Daily motion trans by admin sunnie]


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