130101 Super Junior 2013 New Year’s Greetings to Official Fanclub 1P (eng trans)

Yesung: ELF Please be happy in 2013~! OK?! Wish you all in good luck~♥

Ryewook: love you all ~* be happy in the New Year~ to the world E.L.F. Happy New Year

Sungmin: wah~ my birthday! 1st of January~ everyone please be happy with Sungmin this year ~!♡ be healthy in 2013

kyuhyun : 2013 the year of snake !! all the best for everything! ^__^

Kangin: 2013 let’s go!! fighting!!

Eunhyuk: 2013 let’s be the main~!! love you~♡

Shindong: 2013 i am…29…TT TT… the year of snake~~♡ Wish you all in good luck~♡

Siwon: Happy New Year♡ Bless..Bless…

 Donghae: dear E.L.F. let’s fighting in 2013 please love Super Junior M new album

(Cr. Super Junior Official Fanclub/ Chinese trans Ting/Eng trans by admin sunnie/share by sunnie)


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