130206 ZhouMi Birthday Project

SuperAusELFs is going to work with Sunshinezhoumi on projects for Zhou Mi’s birthday.  There are three parts to it and it’s pretty easy so we hope  Aussie ELFs can participate in them !


1) Donation for gifts

The deadline is on the 15th Feb. Please email us of u are interested in this: superauselfs@yahoo.com.au.

2) Photo message book

Includes fan art, photos(can be of yourself holding a sign with a message, Sunshinezhoumi towel or even an Australian flag is fine) and also short messages. Deadline is on the Feb 14th. Please send us these to us through email ( superauselfs@yahoo.com.au). It is okay if it is handwritten and scanned. Don’t be scared to contact us for more details!


This is a petition to ask Zhou Mi to make a twitter so we can show him support via twitter. More details please go to Sunshinezhoumi Fanbase.

Hopefully you can get behind us and support this project!
Thank you,


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