[PROJECT] Siwon’s Birthday

Want to wish Siwon a Happy Birthday?

SuperAusELFs is joining in with @Forsiwon ’s birthday project.  Siwon has mentioned many times that he likes collecting magnets from the countries he visits and even the members bring them back for him. So we plan to send him magnets from Australia!

What we need is magnets from all over Australia and you can also send a personal note to Siwon wishing him a happy birthday.  Make sure to but a post it note on the back of your magnet so we know which one belongs to whom.  Let us know by tweeting us, on our Facebook or via e-mail (superauselfs@yahoo.com.au) if you are going to send us one and we’ll send you the address you can post them to.

The deadline is the 10th of March!  Since Admin Maddy (@MaddyIsOk) is in charge of this project you need to make sure it will arrive in Perth by that time.

Let’s all work together to wish Siwon a happy birthday from Australian ELF!

By Admin Vic

Source: http://www.forsiwon.com/siwon/?document_srl=86655


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