130225 [SJ WEIBO Update/ trans] Siwon, Eunhyuk & Kyuhyun


4天 歌迷會 都成功了.因為你們的愛和熱情 謝謝大家.. :^) 周覓 說 謝謝大家 ! 馬上見!

4 days worth of fan meeting have all been successful because of your love and passion. Thank you everybody. Zhou Mi says ‘thanks everybody’. Cya soon!


‘3天的台湾 还有 成都的 SJ-M 歌迷会 借宿了!! 谢谢 我们的 笨蛋 ^^ 下次见!!’

Three days of SJ-M fanmeet has concluded !!! Thank you our babos ^^ cya next time’.

TRANS NT: Instead of writing ‘concluded’ he wrote ‘sleepover’


Wo hui qu hanguo~ nimen ye xiao xin hui jia~!!! cheng du de gemimen xia ci women yi ding zai jian mian~~!!!!!! #Weico+#

Photos/ Trans:  Admin Carol

Article by : Admin Vic


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