[ENG TRANS] 130228 Super Junior K.R.Y. Interview with Star1 Magazine

Q: Are there any plans for albums this year?
Ryeowook: Not yet. I don’t know how we will show ourselves in individual schedules but I will work hard on the radio and other activities in China, musicals, and other areas.

Kyuhyun: There probably will be none. First, we have to focus on activities in China and hold “Super Show”. I wish we’d have an easier year this year. Few weeks before going into “Radio Star”, we started getting so busy, I barely had time to rest. I’m not complaining but I just want to spend some time, being still and thinking nothing. If we don’t do album activities, shouldn’t I be able to do that? I want to find time to relax.

Q: Max Changmin started working in variety shows too.
Kyuhyun: It was a good opportunity and I believed he will do well so I told him he should do it. Watching many variety shows is an important thing to do and I heard he is watching many. I watched the first episode and his character is not set yet but he is working hard giving good “episodes”. He is a friend that works hard in everything. Because he completes everything given, I don’t worry that much about him.

Q: Are there any new members for ‘Kyu Line’?
Kyuhyun: I am looking for some. There was no requirements to join but if you look at all the members, we are all tall and have foreign-feeling appearances. And weirdly, we all can drink to some point and love playing games. I am searching for another friend to add (laugh).

Q: It was your birthday recently. Did you have a party?
Kyuhyun: I went skiing with Max Changmin, Park Jae Bum, and a staff. I thought it’d be good if I go skiing two days before my birthday so I called people around me and everybody was busy. Changmin also said he couldn’t but he really wanted to come so he came. I also had a drink with my friends.

Q: How do you spend your personal freetime?
Ryeowook: I go to Han river and think, or listen to radio till 4-5 AM. I eat what I want, read what I want, and sometimes, I enjoy eating soondae soup with members so we go out to eat.

Yesung: I watch movies like usual and play games. I used to not to drink alcohol at all in past but after reaching 30’s, I sometimes enjoy drinking with friends and listening to good stories.

Kyuhyun: I don’t have much freetime but when I do, I play like an average young person. I go drink with friends when we meet, talk, watch movies, and spend time like all others.

Q: It’s been several months since leader Leeteuk went to army. When do you feel the empty spot?
Ryeowook: When he came out for the one-day-break for his 100th day since enlistment, I was in Japan and was not able to see him. I thought leader’s spot wouldn’t be that big but it was bigger than I thought. Though there will be 21 months of gap, dongsaengs will do their best to keep Super Junior rolling well. When he shortly appeared at the end-of-the-year awards, we laughed a lot while watching it but hyung’s mother cried a lot.

Yesung: I watched the musical hyung appeared on and I was surprised from his passionate acting. Because he is the leader, we feel his gap most often on stages. Especially since he was the hyung that made us do ‘fightings’ and mentally pull us forward. While he is not here, other members will have to fill his gap.

Kyuhyun: I feel his empty gap most when we are doing a group stage, talk, or interviews. He used to tell us many funny stories in waiting room and now, it’s Kangin hyung telling us the jokes. When we are all together, you’d think we wouldn’t feel the gap because we have so many members, but we feel empty even with just one member missing.

Q: KRY members are members of SJ who are best in singing. Do you get motivated by looking at vocals of other teams?
Ryeowook: when I went on , I recorded with Infinite Sunggyu and his songs were remade in new style. Sunggyu did well and I believe Luna is the top of girl idols. Great in singing, dancing, and cute looking too. Luna is doing well.

Yesung: I can remember the members I did with. Hyorin, Yoseob, Changmin, IU, Jonghyun, etc. Because they all had their own charm in their vocal tone, I was very tense. I felt that I wasn’t that good at their age. I was motivated to work harder.

Q: Top star Super Junior. What’s bad part about being too well-known?
Ryeowook: Since it’s been 9 years (T/N: counting by years. Ex: 2005 – 1, 2006 -2 …) since debut, fans know where the line is. Though I am not a member that is as well known as some members, many people still recognize me if I go out to eat or walk on the street but they stay calm and let me have my free time. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore. One time, I went to Yesung hyung’s coffee shop. With fans there, we took a group shot. I thought many fans would follow me outside but they didn’t. Our fans really know what to do. Fans all have age now or have their personal things to do so there are less that wait outside the dorm. It’s not that we don’t have sasaengs anymore but the number reduced. We got so worried, we got mad at the fans before, but fans now know where the line is.

Kyuhyun: I guess being unable to date? I haven’t been able to date. I thought there would be many chances to date while being a singer but I dislike meeting celebrities so I guess there are less chances for me to date.

Q: You were blond and pink-haired recently.
Yesung: It was during KRY tour and I thought ballad alone might be boring and wanted to prepare an event myself. First, I presented myself with blond hair in the concert in Japan. Then I changed to pink for Christmas special concert. At the last concert, many fans told me they like plain black so I changed it back to black. I actually wanted to dye my hair our balloon color, Pearl Sapphire Blue.

Q: You are well known as a good son after opening the cafe for your parents.
Yesung: It’s been two months since we switched cafe locations and I am very happy that non-fans come too. We prepared for opening of that cafe for 4 years and my brother played a big role in it. I did all the interior and my brother took care of the menu. I think because my brother did his role so well, our family members are able to work in a comfortable environment.

Q: With 2013, you have gone in your 30’s.
Yesung: I became careful with every action I do and every words I say. Nothing else have changed much. In my 20’s, I lived like I am in teen age, and in my 30’s, I will continue to live like I am in my teen age. I have great interest in fashion so I enjoy decorating myself, especially with clothing that stand out. I thought it’d be difficult to dye my hair or wear excessive accessories but I want to continue wearing those. I want to live like I am in my teen age even in my 30’s. I think I just need to mature in mind age (mature in the way he acts).

Q: You seem to have great interest in fashion. You seem to take care of your airport fashion too.
Yesung: I have never worn sponsored clothes to airport, and I feel proud about it. Whenever I go out, I pick a concept. I wear according to my mood that day and that brings me joy. I have great interest in fashion directing too so I am participating in it many times.

English Trans by @NKSubs

uploaded by All4Yesung (@All4Yesung)

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