130309 Fan Fiction Recommendation ” I’ll put your wings right and teach you how to fly”

Hi Everyone ~

Did you all have a nice cry over lasts weeks recommendation? Well this week I hope you can all have a good laugh!

Any of my ELF buddys would know that I have a habit of calling Donghae Siwon’s son.  Why?  It may have to do with the fact Donghae looks so very short next to Siwon and Hae’s baby face, but that aside I love the sihae ship! So when I saw this fanfiction pop up on my twitter feed I just had to share it with you all! It’s called “I’ll put your wings right and teach you how to fly” (http://tees2mai.livejournal.com/47190.html )

It’s a light hearted fanfiction that tells the story of  Siwon who goes through the trials of having a cute, clueless and mischievous Donghae as his son.  It’s a nice ride that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you want, yet dread having children!  It’s sugary sweet with a hint of puppy love.

So, enjoy ! As an added bonus I’ve put in a few daddy!siwon and kid!hae pics 😛 So please enjoy that too ~ I’ve creditted them to the best of my ability -_-‘ I forgot where I got some of the pictures 😛

P.S. Any recommendations ? Send them in! I’m always up to read new fan fiction ~

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