130316 Fan Fiction Recommendation ”Wily Wife”

tumblr_mit1vshlSq1rqhzjuo1_500 (1)

cr: WKunion

There is no pairing that makes me laugh more than WonKyu (maybe TeukChul would be a close second).    So when admin Carol linked me to this weeks fan-fiction (you girls should be greatful to her for doing so otherwise this section would just be filled with rated EunHae fanfictions) I knew I was in for a good time.  It stars the adorable combination of WonKyu who find themselves in an interesting relationship after a peculiar set of circumstances unfolds.

Wily Wife (link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/263137/wily-wife-hyukjae-kyuhyun-siwon-sulli-supergeneration-tiffany-wonkyu ) tells the story of Siwon, a proud bachelor who is trying desperately to continue to enjoy his single life.  In order to please his parents he cleverly hatches up a plan to secretly marry Cho Kyuyeon a noble girl who went missing years ago.  However when Cho Kyuhyun, dressed up as Cho Kyuyeon shows up at his door, hungry for cash, they find themselves posing as husband and wife.

This story is hilarious from the outset and really does have an original plot line! I hope you guys enjoy it.  This week I thought I’d compile my favourite wonkyu gifs to get you in the mood for this fanfiction.  All the gifs aren’t mine and I really wish I could tell you the original owners but I can’t.  Sorry, I probably shoud keep a track of thes things!

Okay~ That is it for this week! Admin Vic signing off.  See you on Monday for ‘Blast From the Past’ !






And this has to be my favourite gif of all time.


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