130319 Blast From the Bast – Super Show Performances

Hi everyone ! This week I’ll be talking about 10 of my (and hopefully they are in your list too) Super Show performances.  Originally I was going to do a variety show edition but since ss5 is coming up this weekend I thought it might be good to reminisce on past Super Shows !

Lady Hee Hee & Single Ladies

I’m sure Super Junior took the idea of idols cross dressing to a whole new level with this performance in SS3.  It’s possibly also the hardest to one to explain to non-kpoppers too.  But, that doesn’t stop us loving the beautiful; Lady Hee Hee Hee, Haeyonce, Hyukyonce and Shiyonce. Also it doesn’t stop us crying over how Heechul is probably prettier than all of us.

Marry You 

cr:Azuree Elfie

This is possibly the most touching stage I have ever seen and it comes from the first Super Show.  I literally tear up every time I see it.It really shows the power of SJ and ELF and the wonderful journey we go through together.

Don’t Don’t 

cr: madzior111

Don’t Don’t has become almost a ritual at the Super Shows however, the one in SS2 has to be my faveourite one.  I love the staging and how the boys are pirtted against each other.  I  the little EunHae choreographed fight scene is damn hot and everyone sings with so much conviction! There outfits are to die for too *feelingsplotion*.

Donghae & Hyukjae’s “I Wanna Love You”

cr TaEwiiiZ

I can’t begin to express my feelings for this the performance from SS3 in words. If I did it would be something like HOLYCRAPKILLMENOWOTPOMGOMGOMGOMGOGDHFSKENWFKW:EWK*KEYBOARD SMASH* OMG IWANNNNNNNA LOVE YOUICAN’TLIVEWITHOUTYOUOMGFRICKENEUNHAEOUTTOKILLSME *blood nose*. Seriously, EunHae ripping off there shirts? The synchronised pelvic thrusts? Chilesed toned abs? There is just so much to love about this performance.

Mirror Mirror


The staging of this performance in SS1 really set the scene for future performances in the Super Show.  I can’t help but  reminisce the days when all 13 members sang together, show casing there talent as singers.  Can I  make a note on how epic Yesung’s voice is in this??  I simply adore it when Super Junior sing these types of songs. Also this is the first in the, I guess series? Of VCRs that feature Super Junior getting ready (which are always my favourite VCRs).

Super Man 

Superman, the opening for ss4  still sends shivers up my spine.  The boys are so charismatic and powerful in this performance.  This song really captures the essence of Super Junior!

Sungmin’s – If You Leave


Not nearly anyone appreciates Sungmin’s abilities as a dancer as they should. This performance from SS3 never fails to make me swoon.   He convey’s so much emotion in this performance that left me gobsmacked when I first watched it.  Also, *wriggles eyebrows* I must say I love that outfit on him.

Lovely Day

This performance from SS4 show cases all the member’s voices.  The first time I heard it, I very nearly cried and it reminded me just how talented the boys are.  It is such a beautiful, simplistic song and I want nothing more than a studio version of this song.

Ryeowook’s – Moves like Jagger

cr: LadyVampAsia

Ryeowook showed us a new side of him in this performance which was a pleasant surprise for everyone at ss4!  It’s not the first time Ryeowook has had a sexy stage but this is the first time we were graced with the *cough* glory of his abs.  Honestly this version is better than the original, I only wish it had been on the SS4 Japan dvds.


cr madzior111·

This originally is a Super Junior Happy song but at SS2 all the members sang such a great remix version.  Half the members are still parading in there Gee outfits and the performance is so undeniably cute.  From a sulky Heechul, to pretty posing sungmin and  aegyo from all the boys.  The boys are absolute dorks in this and it is clear that they are having a ball!

Ok! That’s it for this week ^_^  I may do a part 2 next week because there are a lot more awesome performances that I REALLY wanted to include. So until next Tuesday, Vic is signing off!!


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