Petition for SS5 in Australia

Want to see SS5 but stuck in Australia?  Well, SuperAusELF is putting together a petition to bring ss5 here!!  There are 4 main ways that we are going to campaign to bring them here.  We put together a short video to summarise it !

PART 1: The Written Petition

All you need to do is click on the “Petition”  and sign it !!!

Please send the link to all your Australian ELF friends! The more people who sign it the better.

PART 2: The Poster

We’ll be making a poster for the project and giving this to the various organisations that we send the petition to.  So what do you need to do?

Simply take a picture of yourself, post some fan art, pose with the Australian Flag… Anything! But it would be great if you could include #ss5forAustralia somewhere in it.

Send the images to our twitter account: @SuperAusELF or our e-mail

PART 3: The Video

This is the most exciting part of the project.  All you need to do is send us a video of you and your friends singing, dancing, holding up a sign or simply shouting “SS5 FOR AUSTRALIA”.   We’ll be creating a video to spread the word that Australia wants Super Show 5! Siwon in particular has known to watch videos like this so hopefully we can show everyone just how much we want ss5 here. As a preliminary idea we are going to time it to Super Junior’s “From You” however this might change.

Upload your videos on to youtube and give us the link or simply e-mail it to us

PART 4: Twitter Trends #SS5forAustralia

This part of the project involves simply trending the hashtag #SS5forAustralia.  Any time you mention the Super Show or wanting it just add it to your tweet.  We will try and trend this at designated times, for example during sbspopasia on Sunday morning, so make sure to follow us @SuperAusELF !

Got all of that?  I know it is a bit much but after the nightmare of having it cancelled last year the team at SuperAusELF wants to make sure we get the boys to perform here! We’ll be sending the petition to various companies and making enquiries as to how we can best aid the process. So please participate !

Many Thanks ~ Admin Vic

PS. As a side note we may be giving this poster/video to Yesung!  This depends when he leaves for the army and if Admin Carol can catch him when she goes to Seoul !


4 thoughts on “Petition for SS5 in Australia

  1. Dear ELFs, I really hope they will come to Australia! Did you guys vote Australia for ss5 on SM facebook? The result was quite sad…T-T Fingers crossed this gonna work! Thank you all for doing this! Fighting!

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