130404 Hyukjae birthday post~ #happyhyukday #우리은혁이생일 #HappyBirthday28thHyukjae #ss5foraustralia

Hi everyone!! In honour of Hyukjae’s birthday I’ve put together this post of Hyukjae’s finest hours! Surprisingly it’s not when he is shirtlesslets just atre at him in his finest hours. No, this does not involve shirtless Hyukjae, it involves him with his gorgeous red hair.

I’m going to be lazy and say I don’t own these pictures + credit as tagged ! Too many fanbases which I’ve pulled pictures from 😛

tumblr_lljp0zwh3t1qauis6 tumblr_m31yo8NLX21r90vbfo1_500 tumblr_m91lasvXhz1qijhiio1_500 tumblr_m91lasvXhz1qijhiio2_r1_500 tumblr_m91lasvXhz1qijhiio3_500 tumblr_men081WKwo1qgh5gxo1_500 tumblr_men00um1rX1qgh5gxo1_500 tumblr_men00um1rX1qgh5gxo2_500 tumblr_mf5s9rzogb1qkq34eo2_500 6208_124847700630_104648800630_3511072_905237_n eunhyuk eunhyuk 82 tumblr_laq5y2qYZf1qcmng9 2407m 1205r tumblr_min1jc8Jd81qgh5gxo2_500 tumblr_min1flgSrv1qgh5gxo2_500 tumblr_min1a1ki3o1qgh5gxo1_500 tumblr_min1211RYb1qgh5gxo1_500 tumblr_min1211RYb1qgh5gxo2_500

tumblr_min0vfI8EF1qgh5gxo2_500 tumblr_min0vfI8EF1qgh5gxo3_500



Enjoy that?? XD Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae ❤

Admin Vic


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