Enlisting Project for Yesung in Australia&NZ

Hey you ! Yes, you the attractive human over there. READ THIS !!!

The admins of SuperAusELF has a special announcement to make ~

All of you probably know that Yesung will be going to enlist in his military service soon *sobs in corner* and since one of the admins (me) is going to be visiting Seoul this year, we were thinking of getting together a little gift for our cloud prince that I can hand in to them at M&R. So the idea is that we will buy him an electronic photo frame and put all our photos in so that he knows that he has a lot of love and support in Australia. Who knows, maybe he might decide to come, or one of the other members see the photos and they come here for a holiday.

Anyways your instructions are very easy. Just send in a simple image that represents your support for Yesung (or his family). It doesn’t have to be a photo if you are camera shy, I see that a lot of you guys are talented drawers and a little drawing would also be great. It would be preferred if you don’t do stick figures (since that is totally my thing cause it’s the only thing I can draw -.-) and really, you can simply write a message on a piece of paper and put some red lipstick on and make a sexy kiss mark on it then take a photo and send it in. In all seriousness, even if we would like EVERYONE to make a little effort in this project, no creepy messages please. If you want to tell him ‘Oppa have my babies !!!’ … maybe this is not the best time.

Here are some examples !!

IMG_3193image_1366519797438173 BIUD-nZCYAAhFOl BIOkJe0CYAIjYW-

Everyone can do as many images as they want as long as its not 756 shots of your face (its very YeYe like but too many selcas is another nono, sorry guys) and you can submit your image to our email ; superauselfs@yahoo.com.au. The dead line for accepting images will be the 1st of June.

Note that if you have anything you would like me to hopefully pass to YeYe, you can private message me and we can sort out how to send it over to me in Sydney so I can give it in. The deadline for gifts is around the 10th of June, just make sure the gift gets to me before I get on the plane and I’ll be fine even if it’s a little late (flying on the 28th). Donations are very very much appreciated if you want to chip in for the electronic photoframe but in general we would be already very pleased if you could all take part in creating images. If ~ you are feeling as angelic as Leeteuk combined with a little bit of Donghae and want to contribute to the frame then you can do that via paypal. Just give Admin Vic or Admin Sunnie a private message and they can tell you the details.

So that’s it ELFs, pick up your camera and strike your best pose or pick up your pencils and give art your best shot. Looking forward to everyone’s images ♥

Article by: Admin Carol

Posted by:  Admin Sunnie


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