SuperAusELFs is looking for new Admins!

Hi everyone !

The team at SuperAusELFs is officially opening up recruitment.   The admins have decided to abandon our original idea of having an admin per Super Junior member as we have found that it it best to work to our strengths.

There is no criteria as such to be an admin however we really need an artist / graphics designer. We basically need someone that can work with photoshop, preferably draw for the fanbase (aka for our banner/ icon) and also help with editing the poster we are making.  We also need someone who is pro with WordPress and knows how to make our blog page a little more interactive.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to update or help out with all the projects but we really need a few more people that love Super Junior to join our team!

Interested? E-mail us at ! We look foreword to meeting any new potential admin.

Thank You~

Admin Vic


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