130413 Fanfiction Recommendation ‘3s a Crowd’

I’m sure many ELF can agree with me that they have questioned their state of mind while fangirling over Super Junior.  I know my parents and non kpop friends are left to wonder what is left of my sanity when they see me having a ‘feelingsplotion’ over EunHae’s latest moment.  But what is that fine line betweeen insanity and just being crazy and quirky?

3s a Crowd”  is a fanfiction by summrxx from AFF does an excellent job of exploring that fine line.  The writer does and excllent job of portraying Yesung, a boy that has a split personality and how he struggles to be normal when he has an ‘evil’ persona “Jongwoon” sharing his mind.   But what happens when a curious Kyuhyun becomes entranced with him?  Will Yesung let Kyuhyun into his life or will Jongwoon ruin everything for him?  This story is filled with many plot twists and will leave you wanting more.  Seriously, once you read it you find yourself  rocking back and forth on your chair wanting to fling Kyuhyun into Yesung/Jongwoon’s face.

If you haven’t guessed already this features the pairing of KyuSung ! As an interesting fact is apparently KyuSung day today.  So, Admin Carol, who also recommended this Fan-fiction to me, has sent me a few KyuSung pictures to get you in the mood!!

Credit as tagged/gifs for the pictures I own none of these 🙂


tumblr_inline_ml59l0lGgt1rdm55r tumblr_lukk1vuAHE1r0uf7t tumblr_lw3p7rJFVD1qi7mtp8o2_500.png tumblr_lw3p7rJFVD1qi7tp8o1_500.png tumblr_lw3p7rJFVD1qi7tp8o1_500.pngn tumblr_lw3p7rJFVD1qi7tp8o2_500n.png tumblr_lx4uqkaivI1qdnbhjo1_500 tumblr_mhgxh8v1es1qcldx1o1_500 tumblr_mhi3m4BVAV1ranzpto1_250 tumblr_mhjdtmqDqp1qes9xho2_250 tumblr_mhq16bJQYK1rxbrsoo1_r1_250 tumblr_mi9gmpb2Rw1qgbpeco1_500 tumblr_mi9mk18tnR1s3pt8do1_500 tumblr_miqk72X2T41qi0akxo2_500 tumblr_miqltpwjSx1qi0akxo2_500 tumblr_miqzkupvtu1rrx3apo1_500 tumblr_mj0p8rg8r21rmigeeo1_250 tumblr_mj6vjeuOGM1rkztxto1_500 tumblr_mj7wp68DNp1rmigeeo2_400 tumblr_mjfr7i2Hu11s63m4fo1_250 tumblr_mjn8jdWgsn1s3pt8do1_250 tumblr_mjxvfv4Ee51s8ttr3o1_500 tumblr_mk8rqf6LIU1rgsniqo1_500 tumblr_mkat5rwRgC1rkztxto1_500 tumblr_mkogvpdERW1rxbrsoo1_500 tumblr_mksxcsNjYt1s8ddbmo1_400 tumblr_mkxupzTroX1s3pt8do4_500 tumblr_ml5klwEhZs1rocmego1_500 tumblr_ml5kpbvK6a1rocmego1_500 tumblr_ml5kpbvK6a1rocmego2_500

So check it out ~  http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/379410/3s-a-crowd-kyusung

Got a fan fiction which you love to death? Comment and link it  below and maybe it’ll be featured next week.  Also, I am sorry I haven’t posted one of these in awhile, ss5 happened and I have been relatively busy with the petition ! But I promise this and my flash back articles will be back to normal.

Article by: Admin Vic

Photos:Admin Carol


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