130416 Super Junior Twitter Updates: Siwon, Henry, Yesung, Eunhyuk & Ryeowook

Siwon’s tweet:


Henry’s tweet:

thumbs up and goodnight! love u all!


Yesung’s Tweet:

Gyeongju’s weather is really great ^^

Translation : teukables



Ryeowook’s tweet: us that reunited at Beijing ㅠ the Sungminnie-hyung that I love ~~~^^!!! Its hard.. Do your musical well ~~ i will also do the radio well in Korea and see you in South America ~~~♥

Trans- Teukables

758676845 758676859

Eunhyuk’s ‘Reply’ to Yesung’s Tweet (He didn’t mention Yesung)

Aesonggie-hyung! Selcas should be taken this way

Trans cr Teukables

Eunhyuk’s ‘Reply’ to Yesung’s Tweet (He didn’t mention Yesung)

Hyuk’s tweet: look (at this) well(,) Aesonggie-hyung

Trans cr Teukables


Yesung’s Reply to Eunhyuk’s Tweet

Touched.. Selcas are to be taken after frying(,) anchovy-ya.. Sigh its hard

Eunhyuk’s Tweet ‘Reply’ to Yesung (he didn’t mention him again :P)

only i can do the mix fried(selca)!Hyung should do at least this much

Trans cr NK subs

proxy (3)

Yesung’s Tweet

At Busan with playful Kyu ~~^^ umhaha!!

Translation cr to NKsubs

proxy 758757533

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