130418 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Henry, Donghae, Siwon, Yesung & Ryeowook

Henry’s Twitter update ~ I guess he has a cute yawn ?

Trans cr Teukables

Tired!! goodnight everyone! 잘자요 (sleep well)!


Donghae’s Twitter Update ~ Gooooooood MG ! XD Man he is obsessed with that pose 😛

Goooooood NT!! ^^ Have a sweet dream !


Siwon’s Twitter Update

Dear my families. please support my brother so much :^)

Yesung’s Twitter Update ~ YOU SUCH A CUTE BB !!!

The years spent with my father… Happy birthday. Always be healthy~^^

Trans Cr : NK Subs

759348192 759348191 759348188

Donghae’s Twitter Update ~ omg he is wearing a bathrobe omg how to breathe *faints*

Nice weather ^^ with YS !! Summer is coming..


Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ :3

Shy-young noona, thanks kk rubber rubber on my arm~~~ kya kya

Trans Cr : NK Subs

759387966 759387947

Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ Cute !! kya kya XD

Trans cr: NK_subs

ShimTa & Sukira DJ cross with the number ‘5’ ~~ 5 years and 500 days wow! See you in May in Sukira ~♥ kkk


Yesung’s Twitter Update ~ Forever the business type 😉

Good~!! RT @Kjjzz: WHY STYLE Teaser3!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy8nvRJjvVo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Siwon’s Twitter Update ~ Omo that cakes looks YumYum ! … Oh I mean err … Happy Birthday Gentleman MiMi 😀 ❤

happy birthday my good friend zhoumi :^) we love you so much :^)


Article by: The Princess Line (aka Admin Carol & Vic)


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