130422 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Donghae, Ryeowook, Kangin, Yesung & Henry

Donghae’s Tweet ~ Sweetie ❤

I saw u guys !! ^^ I can’t wait !! See u soon !!


Donghae’s Tweet

Ola !! Brasil !! U guys ready ?? SJ ready !!


Ryeowook’s tweet ~ Handsome boys!!

Translation cr Teukables

Ryeowook’s tweet: the concert ended ~~~ Brasil ~~~ thank you !!!!! ♥ RYEOWOOK & KYUHYUN & SIWON


Kangin’s Tweet

Translation cr Teukables

It was a really enjoyable and happy time(,) Brazil~~~I will totally never be able to forget the time spent together with the fans(.) Thank you so much (and) I will work even even even harder so I can show you an even better stage the next time we meet ^^ thank you and I love you

Yesung’s Tweet ~

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

I’m hungry~ let’s eat Hahaha~~!!!

761052817 761052815

Henry’s Twitter Update

off to Argentina!! had a great time in Brazil! thank u to all the fans! doo doo bang!?!?!?


Donghae’s Twitter Update ~ Lucky fans !!

Brasil ELF !! See u next time !! It was so nice meeting you all! You guys so beautiful !! Love ya ~


Article by- The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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