130424 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Kangin, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Yesung & Henry

Kangin’s Twitter Update ~ Handsome !!

Trans cr 13elieveSG

In real-time


Ryeowook’s tweet ~ Was a bit of group effort to get this translated

Trans cr bluebada_ , Admin Maddy, Vic &  A

Argentina’s SS5 is the Best ~!!!!! Thank you~ See you again ~~I love you ♥ We are so happy for being able to sing in Argentian^^!!


Ryeowook’s Tweet – He meant to type Argentina rather than Argentian

Sorry sorry ㅠㅠ Argentina ~

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Sweet >.<

Trans cr 13elieveSG

Thank you hyung-nim~!!!!! We’ll do well~and come back ^^ lets do Asia Super Show together ㅠ We need hyung to be here ~~@Famous_Jae: @ryeong9 Ryeongu fighting! Don’t get injured, brother!”

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Naaaaw this cutie hehehe

Trans cr 13elieveSG

noona ㅠㅠ I ate and washed up and lied down ㅋ tomorrow (we’re going to) Chile ~!!!!^^ when I go to Korea please buy me a meal ㅋㅋ”@kijung0805: @ryeong9 You weren’t kidding~!? Cool~Ryeongu-sama!!ㅋㅋ”

Euhyuk’s Tweet ~

les amo!!!!!!


Yesung’s Twitter Update ~ Replying attack on those who make fun of his selcas (Hyukkie) !

Trans Cr : Teukables

Its maradona and fried anchovy!

Henry’s Tweet

byebye my beautiful fans!!! i will miss u!!!! byebye argentina!!!


Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ Nice Pic 🙂


BImpEV_CIAAJ-bl.jpg large

Kangin’s Twitter Update ~ Nice Appa Bear 🙂

Trans Cr : Teukables

Our staffs who had a hard time were so tired that they curled up and slept when we were at the airport waiting to board…thank you(.) Really(,) thank you so much to the people who (worked hard) in order for us to shine on stage(,) thank you again(.) I will work hard(-) no(,) I will do well ^^

BInAyCaCQAARdU1.jpg large

Kangin’s Twitter Update ~ Manly selca XD

Trans Cr : Teukables

I am well(.) Argentina really(,) I will never be able to forget that heat and warmness yesterday in all my life(.) Until the day we meet again(,) let’s stay well and healthy(. Leave all) the regrets behind and let’s go(.) Thank you very much

BInGEQnCMAAI0Fu.jpg large

Henry’s Twitter Update ~ Sorry I couldn’t find or do the trans, anyone can help ? ❤

Lo siento que no podríamos venir a decir hola a todos ustedes en el aeropuerto hoy….

Henry’s Twitter Update ~ Still a little confused with the trans here 😦

Trans Cr :  Sup3rjunior

I know that a lot of you waited the whole night you all must be really tired. Sorry . Love u all


Henry’s Twitter Update ~

i see u!!!

BIoAwVtCAAEXAd5.jpg large

Article by- The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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