130425 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Yesung

Siwon’s Tweet

WOW! This is awesome! @OurFaceFactory http://dailyserving.com/2013/04/a-clue-to-the-recovery-of-authenticity-raul-bussot-and-kim-hong-rok-in-seoul/

Donghae’s Tweet ~ WAHHH! Lucky ELF

When i walk on the street met Chile ELF ~~ so beautiful ~~ See u tomorrow !!


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ ❤

Trans cr : WorldWideELF

Chile ^^ Hello Chile! I really liked the Santa Lucía hill! And also, I tried Mote con Huesillos*. It was really delicious~♥


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Cute Tourists ! hehee

Trans: Cr Nk_Subs

‘Mote’ i ate at Santa Lucia. Good ^^ I bought a rosary ring at Plaza de Armas and wine at a wine shop~ fighting at tomorrow’s concert~^^!! RYEOWOOK & EUNHYUK

762028573 762028490

Yesung’s Tweet ~ Poor BB must be missing the members ❤

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

Didn’t sleep well ㅠㅠ going far far away with WhyStyle’s new products ~~

762104916 762104915

Yesung’s Tweet ~ Duno bout you, but you’re making my life pretty special 😛

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

With self-proclaimed ‘tornado’ ^^ what’s so special about life?!


Article by- The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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