130428 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Yesung & Ryeowook

Ryeowook’s Twitter Update

Trans cr: Teukables

Hen.ry.ya~!!!!!! I told you not to put up your hands~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ going to rehearse for the last performance in Peru^.~


Yesung’s Reply to Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ too sweet

Trans cr: Teukables

Ryeonggu-ya(,) make up for hyung’s part till the end!! I will be supporting you!!

Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr: Teukables

chile Airport~ when we were about to come to Peru(,) I bought and ate a smoothie and cake.. and we(,) Super Junior(,) appeared on the newsㅋㅋ even though I exclaimed “it’s me” from the table beside.. I was bare-faced ^^;keok; (they) gave me a smileㅋㅋㅋ (we) appeared on tv for a long time and I was amazed^^


Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr : 13elieveSG

30 minute delay ~~ still entering the venue~~~ thank you Peru ELF ~~><
It’s going to take 30min ~~ still entering ~~~ thank you Peru elfs~~>< I love you ~♥


Yesung’s Tweet

Good weather for walking~!!

yeye3 yeye2 yeye1


tweet 2:

남미팬분들 너무고마워 몰래혼자서놀러갈께 수영쳐서 … ㅜㅜ

Eng trans: Flitto

Fans in South America, thank you. i’ll visit there alone swimming without telling anyone… ㅜㅜ


Ryeowook’s Tweet (he actually didn’t write any text but I picture peaks more than words right?)


Article by- The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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