130428 Super Junior Weibo Updates [With Trans]: Siwon, Zhou Mi and Henry

Siwon’s Weibo Updates

<Posted to twitter by Teukables>

There’s still one more country(,) PERU ! I really miss you guys.


Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Hahaha EvilKyu attack

Original Post : 中枪@GameGyu88 你咋想的呢,其实我到现在都不知道他扮演的是谁

Translation : Got shoot@GameGyu88 you wish, actually up to now I still don’t know who he is pretending to be

Henry’s new Weibo update ~ Don’t forget Australia !

Original Post : 大家好吗? 我在南美洲 很快回去了 没有忘记你们哦!希望大家都平安健康!

Translation : Is everybody well ? I’m in South America, will return very soon. Haven’t forgotten you guys ! Hoping everyone is safe and healthy

Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Nice Selcas

Original Post : 最后一站祕鲁,胡迪vs无敌!

Translation : Very last stop Peru, Woody vs Unequalled !

Article by: The Princess Line ~
Translation by: Admin Carol
Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!

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