130430 Super Junior Weibo Updates [With Trans]: Zhou Mi & Henry

Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Eeekkk Kyu looks good here

Original Post : 南美巡演结束了,巴西,阿根廷,智利,秘鲁大家辛苦了!今天还是@王雅君TinaWang 的生日HBHBHB,<it’s you>是我和tina第一首合作的歌曲期待你更多的好作品加油才女

Translation : South America tour performance has concluded. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru; everyone had worked hard ! Today is also @王雅君TinaWang’s birthday HBHBHB,<it’s you> was the first song I ever collaborated with Tina. Looking forward to more of your good works. Hwaiting skillful woman.

BJCDqEuCIAAAZ7s.jpg large

Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ *mumbles* we have lots of Aussie supporters here too …

Original Post : 比个赞给南美这四国支持我们的歌迷

Translation : Giving a praise (shout out) to South America’s fans that support us from these four countries.

BJCDwrUCYAEOEu6.jpg large

Henry’s new Weibo update ~

Original Post : 我们回到韩国了

Translation : We arrived back to Korea


Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Oh comeon MiMi, you know you wanted to join in

Original Post : 转机躲过一劫你俩太好笑

Translation : (Because of) changing flight, missed the unfortunate incident. You two are really too funny


Article by: The Princess Line ~
Translation by: Admin Carol
Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!

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