130501 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Siwon, Ryeowook, Yesung & Eunhyuk

Siwon’s Twitter update ~ No !!! I didn’t even get the chance to try some coffee 😥

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

Last day of the three months with Twosome coffee for the popup store^^

Siwon blending coffee, a meaningful collaboration with HongRok hyung^^ and happy communication between our family members, a departure will come as a new beginning, right ^^?

BJGjhMyCcAEG97C.jpg large

Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ Get the other members to sing you a lullaby :3

Trans Cr : Teukables

Unable to adjust to the time difference (?)!!! I have been awake ever since I arrived in Korea until now ㅠ anyone who is not sleeping ?? ~~~~~~~~~⊙⊙

Siwon’s Twitter update ~ Oh goodness, why you so good looking ?!? ❤

I will be attending “THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART COSTUME INSTITUTE BENEFIT” on May 6th in NYC :^) miss you all !

BJI1MpWCQAA0lHa.jpg large

Siwon’s Twitter update ~

@psy_oppa :^) i cant wait to see you bro!

Siwon’s twitter update ~ omg ur such a dork=_= A handsome one though 😛

I would like to have a very meaningful time in NYC. like this.. :^)


Yesung’s Twitter update ~ Oh my day is FAB now that I can spazz over your new smexy selca !!! ❤

Good day~!!


Eunhyuk’s Tweet ~ turn it up DJ HYUK ~

come on DJ~ turn it up!!!


Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ Hwaiting Wookie 🙂

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

Healing Cafe (with) Kim Jisoo, Juniel, Hong DaeKwang~~ best b in midst of a live broadcast go go

BJL2ANLCcAAe9_S.jpg large


Addition update : Siwon’s mistake ?

When Siwon tweeted ‘I would like to have a very meaningful time in NYC. like this.. :^)’ he actually posted it with a picture of Yesung. Now this is sending me hardcore Yewon feels cause it means that he saved YeYe’s pic in his phone or/and Yesung is something he would need to have a meaningful time. But later Siwon took the pic down again … maybe the pic he uploaded didn’t really show Yesung’s sexy side ?

Ok on a srs note, he took the pic down cause someone mentioned to him it might cause some misunderstanding relating to racism. But I still think my Yewon theory is the best !


Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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