130502 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Ryeowook & Yesung

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Looks like Exotics aren’t the only people waiting for exo’s comeback

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

D.O. Kyungsoo is kind to ask first if I went and returned from South America well !! Baekhyun is in midst of practicing singing ~ Hurry up and come back and smash the Music Industry ~! You.can.an.ti.ci.pate.Let’s go ~

765023134 765023142

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

The weather is great too~ ♬nowplaying ▷▷▷ The rest of my life – Brian McKnight

765029908 765029927

Yesung’s Tweet ~ Yes Yes your selcas make me very happy and thankful ❤

No matter what just happiness and thankful~^^

765108451 765108441


Eunhyuk’s Tweet ~ turn the camera around a bit more plse :3 Btw how do you splash when it’s like that ??

Trans cr Nksubs

Kyuhyun-ah, you bought this really well. It’s great. I’m taking a half-bath too. Splash splash.


Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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