130506 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Ryeowook, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae & Yesung

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Too cute omg

Trans cr Teukables

With Tony-hyung ~~ b


Eunhyuk’s Tweet ~ These fanboys XD

Trans cr Teukables

euk i got defeated!


Kangin’s Tweet

Trans cr Teukables

Kangin’s tweet: took a selca with a hyung that I know(.) This hyung’s eyes are sparkling~~~



Ryeowook’s reply to Kangin

Trans cr Teukables


Eunhyuk’s Tweet ~ Is Donghae in that suit?? heheh

ma lady


Donghae’s Tweet ~ Iron Mans N1 Fanboy

Hello Tony ~~


Yesung’s Tweet ~ T_____T

Good night ^^


Yesung’s Twet ~ See ELF he knows you were there ❤ Good luck Yeye! We will miss you ❤

Trans cr Teukables

thank you for coming to this far place.. Even after I said not to come.. Everyone have to be healthy(,) see you again ELF ^^


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Wookie is being positive so I will too !!

Trans cr Teukables

# nowplaying Start of Something New The weather is good ~~ Troy and Gabriella’s voice is really good ~~ ^^

Donghae’s Tweet ~ perfect namja >.<

Trans cr Teukables

Henry’s Tweet ~ Wow !! He really looks like you >.<

@henrylaufp: Henry?? “@henryzzz92 ふふふ☜ pic.twitter.com/ChvrF9mvhx” omg…


Donghae’s tweet: “OH fam” is great !!^^
The director that I love !!^^
P l e a s e g i v e i t l o t s o f l o v e ~~:)


Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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