130508 [Eng trans] Letters to Jongwoon

130508 Jongjin’s letter to Jongwoon Trans-

Hyung, I saw your picture well kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
after you left, mother was sad about it, more than she was when I went..;;
I… was able to see her first time after 100 days kkkkkkkk
but I am looking at your picture now and laughing at it kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
It’s worth living there right? I think you are doing better than I thought so it’s nice to see.
Our flame meetings are still held, and SungJoon-ee hyung calls me every day
Inho is doing well and I will be going to Jeju Island sometime later with MinJoo hehe
I’m relieved there aren’t any letters to you before this
I am first place? kkkk
I am going to Why Style and Mobit well so don’t worry
and mother wants to say something too
“Son, it’s hot right now and you are doing hardwork. I’m now relieved seeing the picture of you smiling”
Work hard, and I’ll write you a letter again kk

p.s there isn’t a bidet there right? kkkkkkkkkkkkk Today, Choo Shin Soo player hit 2 homeruns and last homerun became the tie breaker so he became a star
as for NBA, New York’s Carmelo Anthony did great so they won. Memphis’ Mike Conley scored 26 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists so they won.

so New York and Memphis turned the scores back to zero. Everyone now has 1:1

From 08 (2008) Sergeant Kim JongJin to 13 (2013) number 149 Training Soldier Kim JongWoon

Letter from a friend to Jongwoon Trans

Hyung kk I am SangHyo kkk

I am second place hehehe. Ah… hyung.. I left before you went inside.. I didn’t do well. ㅠㅠ I will do better next time hehe
When I said I was leaving earlier, I got on the bus and in the middle, Manager hyung’s car caught up so I rode on his car ..(why did I leave earlier?….)

I talked with Jongjin on the phone just now. Yesterday night, you appeared in my dreams. In the dream, you weren’t home so Jongjin and I were having fun playing, and at 11 PM, you knocked on the doors kkk. So we went to see who was knocking and it was you kkk you came home kk (with your face all tanned) so Jongjin and I asked “Hyung, how did you come home? Did something happen?” and you ignored us kk and went into your room, and packed everything. kkk So, mother, father, Jongjin, and I were like “What’s wrong?” and you suddenly kk

said “ah fu** this is bu******. I will become a real soldier. I’m quitting being singer” and left home kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk stupid dream kkkkk

Ah it’s already been 3 days since you enlisted kkk I anticipate for 6/1. I wonder what’s happening in there hehe
I’m relieved to see that others look nice. kkk Sungjoon hyung, Sunggyu hyung, SungWook hyung, JoonHee hyung all wants to see you hehehe. While you are gone, something fun should happen to us… hehe We are battling in Mobit hehehe. Battling with stories of our army life hehehe. Hyung, stay well and see you when you get back. hehehe

P.S. Hyung, continuing from Choo Shin Soo player’s homerun news, Ferguson announced retirement. After this season, he will entire. Mourinhou is candidate for replacing him, and there’s also a rumor that Moyes is also a candidate.

kkkk hyung, fighting. Eat bean sprouts soup rice well hehehe. I will go eat pork today ^^^^^ fighting!!!!!
I know you will do well!! Because you are reliable hehe. I trust that others will listen to you well
see you when you are released ^^ hehe

From 08 (2008) Sergeant Park Sang Hyo to 13 (2013) number 149 Training Soldier Kim Jongwoon
(Does the clock in training office even move?)

Translated By: Nksubs@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia

OMO Yesung really kept updating on Sports everyday even his bro and friend mentioned in their letter!!!!

Yesung Fighting!! He has a group of good friends and sweet family!! He is doing well!!


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