130508 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Ryeowook & Siwon

Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ cutie

Trans cr : Worldwideelfs

doing a live broadcast everyone come gather here ^^ let’s finish off Tuesday nicely ~~ kyakya 89.1 Bora is open k it’s also the listener survey period ^^;; everyone go go

BJqi55oCYAEUN6u (1)

Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ Sweet !

Trans cr 13eliveSG

Today’s broadcast was also the best b Noona I’ll look forward to your song tomorrow ^^~~kya kya @gksan486: the present that Ryeowookie bought after going to South Americaㅎ


Siwon’s Tweet~ SiwonSquare seems to be still running well XD

On May 9th at 7pm Loewen Cluster Loewen Road, Singapore.. Can I meet you singapore families?


Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr: Teukables

even the son wasn’t able to go home..ㅠ the fans took care of it ~~ everyone(,) give your parents a call(,) so touched ~~ thank you naryeowook.com^^


Siwon’s Tweet ~ handsome

Im always be with you @jaesonma – Psalms 27:4 Im on my way to airport!


Siwon’s Tweet ~ Tut tut phone on during take off


Siwon’s Tweet ~So many ppl !

hello singapore :^)

BJv-5DGCYAI4hYE.jpg large

Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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