130509 Super Junior Twitter/Blog Updates : Ryeowook, Sungmin, Henry & Siwon

Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr: Teukables

Younghee noona(,) i love you ~~~~^^!!!!!! Agressive woman Kim.Young.Hee ♥in the midst of doing a cotton candy kiss with Ryeowook~


Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr: 13elieveSG

 [NaRyeowook] 130508 KTR Concert – RYEOWOOK “The thing that belongs only to you” live VIDEO UPDATE 🙂 http://bit.ly/12VySQX http://youtu.be/qEj-B-Nz9t0

Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr: Teukables

With Jisu and Younghee-noona ~~^^!! You guys really worked hard today and it was fun ~~ thank you kyakya


Ryeowook’s Tweet

Trans cr NkSubs

Kim Younghee and Seo Taehoon’s <Yesung- Gray Paper> ~wow kkkkkkk

Sungmin’s Blog~ Come here and I’ll buy you and icecream truck  >.<

Trans / Pic cr NkSubs

Message: Title- buy me an ice cream


i made the eyes larger… ah, funny~
This is how someone in his late 20’s play!! kkkkk

*like Puss in Boots


Henry’s Reply to Miss A’s Fei ~ Jealous ??

@missA_fei: At Insa-Dong. It’s been a while ^^ kkk I feel like my mood has become clear pic.twitter.com/uaaOfud8Kl” What about me!?!?

Siwon’s Tweet ~ SiwonSquare, as reliable as always

See you at Loewen Cluster Loewen Road. Today 7pm :^)


Ryeowook’s Reply to Siwon’s Tweet

trans cr : 13elieveSG

It’s like a picture wow b


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~

Subs Cr : NK_Subs

Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio 89.1 Kong and Bora (visible radio) are both opened ^^!! Please be with us for live broadcast. With Vixx’s N, snap ~~ (sound of camera’s flash going off) go go

BJ06hYfCMAAReny.jpg large

Henry’s Tweet ~ Ninjas !!!

@henrylaufp: Wow!! “@shijialee 130509 henry on street http://twitpic.com/cpd61a ” u little ninjas!


Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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