130514 Kyuhyun’s SKT World Twitter Interview

Kyuhyun did a titter interview for SKT world! Here is a compilation of all his tweets with translations.  Please make sure to take them out with credits to the original translator.

Trans cr nksubs

[TJ Kyuhyun] Hello. This is Kyuhyun! Tada! ~ You all are doing well right? hehe #KH

Trans cr nksubs

880203: @SKTworld Kyuhyun-ssi~ You won 1st place in Noot Tournament. How do you feel?

SKTworld: @/880203 I was in last place and in the end, I placed 1st!!! Cool +_+ hehe. Thank you ^^

Trans cr Sjia

[TJ Kyuhyun] Firstly for those who don’t believe it’s me! Let out a proof shot~ This is the filming set of SK Telecom advertisement


Trans cr SJia

[TJ Kyuhyun] Siwon hyung was the one day TJ the other time too. He said it was sad that the time passed too fast. I am also a bit lost at what I should say to just start like that… Everybody please guide me well!


Trans cr : Nk Subs

Trans @SKTworld: @/kyuhyunee I also find each minute precious TT.TT

@SKTworld: @/Kyukenhof I am a cool guy~ CoolGuy kkk

Trans cr Nksubs

[TJ Kyuhyun] LTE Unlimited Power Noot CF that I have appeared on! I also like it too~ I was surprised to hear that more than 2,000,000 users are already using it. Please love the new CFs that will be recorded! #KH


Trans cr nk subs

@/_SSOOONG try using a bicycle ‘-‘ㅋㅋ

Trans cr nksubs

I was selected as the winner by you guys, and the winner’s video has been released~ If this video views go over 1,000,000 views, SKT will have a surprise offline event. You may possibly meet me~?


Trans cr nksubs


@SKTworld : @/saEda_in_HEEnim Ja, I will upload a picture soon!~


Trans cr Sjia13

[TJ Kyuhyun] Ah it’s already the time to end. Today I filmed the CF with Sulli and Yoona, the CF will come out very fun this time too!~ It’s a pity that it’s so short… It will be good if we can meet again soon~ Bye then #KH



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