130514 Super Junior Twitter and Blog Updates : Shindong, Sungmin,Eunhyuk, Siwon & Ryeowook

Shindong’s Tweet

Trans cr nksubs

After watching “Nine”‘s final episode, my first message was,
“Nine”‘s producers&actors made my jaw drop to the end. ” In my current life, have I worked hard like Sunwoo for somebody to make me happy? Heh


Sungmin’s Blog Update

Trans & Pictures cr nksubs

Title: Kyaha..

killer killer!!!!
Ah.. Did I upload this before? Kkkk

I’ll just go eat~

Well.. Then this is a (fan) service!



Trans cr teukables

Yahoo Disneyland!!!!!


Eunhyuk’s Tweet~ Catching Minniehae??

trans cr teukables

lets catch a mouse lets catch a mouse


*Eunhyuk’s Conversation with Jae – the Sment Choreographer * ~ Cheeky Hyuk ^_^

Trans cr: Nksubs

@/Famous_Jae:Bring hyung a gift

@AllRiseSilver “Bring hyung a gift” Won’t you buy me a present for Teacher’s Day, my student?

@/Famous_Jae: why did you forget Parent’s Day? I’m yo father.

@AllRiseSilver: Hey father! What about Children’s Day?

@Famous_Jae:For kid Hyukjae, I will give a full-time,10 minutes long 128beat choreography.You won’t be able to breathe.”@AllRiseSilver

Hyukjae’s tweet~ you still haven’t caught Minniehae?

trans cr teukables


squeak squeak squeak

Siwon’s Tweet

With Rev.Chungmin Cho


Siwon’s Tweet

Dear Families! Please translate the learning messages from Rev. Chungmin Cho so that many people can perceive them :^) thank you all !

Siwon’s Tweet

Dear Families! Please translate the learning messages from Rev. Chungmin Cho @ChungMinCho so that many people can perceive them :^) thanks!

Siwon’s Tweet

Trans cr Teukables

Siwon’s tweet: teacher’s day. Recommending this to everyone^^ [the book is called ‘the reason why stars shine’]


Siwon’s Tweet ~ Is he amazed by how good he looks in the pic, or how stalkerish some fans are ?

Hahaha wow! “@Siwons_wardrobe: “@siwonestBG: Siwon play Tennis pic.twitter.com/wf1nn6WqHE

BKTXWUACUAAkGqk.jpg large

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Hahaha both eyes and ears aye XD

Trans Cr : NK_Subs

Sukira is really full of live performances today ~!!!! FIX’s JungWook and Oh Song-ee is appearing kk everyone, go go to 89.1 Bora (visible radio) ~!!!! Handsome~ today ~~ both your ears and eyes will have a good time

BKTzjOsCAAAqQow.jpg large

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Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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