130516 Super Junior Twitter Updates : Donghae, Ryeowook & Kangin

Ryeowook’s Twitter Update

Trans cr Nk subs

funny HooLim-ah ~~ let’s practice together today too ~~ kya kya @sohot_HL:http://Instagram.com/p/ZVsttOq380/
Always thankful♥ because you cherish me ;)””


Donghae’s Twitter Update ~ HANDSOME! Plus I love he calls himself and hyuk ‘eunhae’.

ELF Japan See u 2weeks later ~~:) Have a sweet day 🙂 EunHae New song -I wanna dance


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ This fanboy XD

Tras cr Nksubs

Win~k ! ^^ EXO DO’s teaser image!!!b Kyungsoo-yah~~~~~~~~~ everyone, have a good day today


Ryeowook’s Tweet~ Naw how sweet >.< Though is the spelling mistake intentional ?

Donghae’s Twitter update ~ forever stealing his bfs pics 😛

I just got back from Japan ~~with Eun…


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~

Trans cr Nksubs

When are you coming backㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Hurry up and come, let’s watch Django, hyung~~~~~Dunghae~~~~~♥

Kangin’s Tweet ~

Trans Cr : NKSubs

The weather is fantastic. Sitting in the terrace, feeling the wind. Oho~ i like it. Like~~~like~~ I really like it~~~

BKYmYL1CYAEYoDX.jpg large

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~

Trans Cr : Nksubs

Sukira, laughing then crying show. Let’s make it place Number 1~~!!!^^!!! With Vixx’s N, who’s having a comeback next week~~ fighting^.~ let’s be together for live broadcast this friday too~ sleep well~♥

BKTzjOsCAAAqQow.jpg large

Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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