130519 Super Junior Twitter Updates & Blog Updates : Sungmin, Donghae & Ryeowook

Sungmin’s Blog Update ~ Sungming is just like *___* ~ so cool >.<

Pic and Translation via Nk_subs

Well.. i’m still new to this, and have the wrong pose but…

reactions from yesterday were good so…kkkkk

but Jin-ee tells me my pose is the coolest..hehe


Donghae’s Twitter update ~ forever loving the rain ~

Trans credit: AllRiseXiahtic Ev
Everyone, good evening. It’s Donghae. Today it’s raining. Watching the rain makes me miss all of you. I love the rain.

Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ OH DAMN THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL PIC ❤

Trans Cr : NKsubs

Musical <Highschool Musical> Release Press Conference ~!!! Please anticipate for Troy, Gabriella’s beautiful first kiss* ~♥ (Picture from last year, Ryeowook watching the sunset at Santorini)

BKoHTo8CcAE327-.png large

Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ Your hair looks so fluffy :3

Trans Cr : NKsubs

Thank you Hearing-Ryeowook. Thank Y♥U. Food support that came to Sukira on Friday ^^!! I ate well~~!!b

BKoWDfKCQAECZ89.jpg large

Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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