130522 Super Junior Weibo Updates [With Trans]: Kyuhyun & Siwon

Kyuhyun’s new Weibo update ~ OMFG I MISSED YOU

Original Post : 你们在干什么?我又疼 T_T

Translation : What are you guys doing ? I am in pain again T_T


Kyuhyun’s new Weibo update ~ Omg poor thing !!! *sends love*

Original Post : T T 已经吃药但是 一直有疼

Translation : T T Already took medication but the pain is still constant

Kyuhyun’s new Weibo update ~ can or can’t understand Pinyin ?

Original Post : 你们用拼音 !我看不懂!!

Translation : You guys use(d) Pinyin ! I can’t understand ! !


Kyuhyun’s new Weibo update ~ I feel you Hun, uni sucks -.-

Original Post : 但是我不能睡觉。。。有大学任务

Translation : But I cannot sleep … (I) have university tasks


Siwon’s new Weibo update ~ … again T_T

Original Post : 人生所需的比起新的道路… 更需要不赖在现在所在之处,毅然拍拍位子站起来的果断.. :^) @ChungMinCho

Translation : The so called new path in life … must not depend on the outside of (ones) current position, (instead,) firmly tapping on the choices made by standing up from that position … :^) @ChungMinCho

Translation by: Admin Carol
Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!

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