130526 Super Junior Twitter Updates: Ryeowook, Shindong & Siwon

Shindong’s Tweet ~ ^^

Trans cr Teukables

~~~~ the graduation album is hung at the company? ㅋ


Ryeowook’s Reply to His Friend Dalma ~ So random??

Trans cr SG13elieve

Mariah Carey @dalma516: hi ~~~ Daltaengie as cute and pretty dinosaur, pig, lion, lizard ~~~~ ting ting buongie ~~


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ So cute hihihihi~

Trans cr Teukables

doing a performance after a long time todayㅋㅋ hippie-siwon(,) dazed-ryeowook(,) food-donghae (and) sesame seed-kyuhyun kyakya hello Busan ^


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Lols business tweeting like YeYe ?

Trans Cr : NKsubs

89.1 Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio ~^^ Let’s listen to it together using the Sukira app kk This is nice, kya kya. app with Ryeowook’s face kk. Nice ~~>< ; k

BLMlRQsCcAALVcQ.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ Yes Siwon, that pic was totally inspirational …

Rest in You My Lord.

BLNHdp-CcAAVw2X.jpg large

Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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