130526: Super Junior Weibo Updates [With Trans]: Siwon & Zhou Mi

Siwon’s new Weibo update ~ Come and be dangerous to us then 😉

Original Post : 耶稣被钉在十字架…不是因为他心中的愤怒是危险的,而是因为他内心流淌出来的爱是危险的.. :^) @ChungMinCho

Translation : Jesus being nailed to the cross … was not because the anger within his heart was dangerous, it was because the love that leaked out from his inner heart was dangerous .. :^) @ChungMinCho

Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Happy Day indeed ^^

Original Post : 快乐其实很简单..大家周末开心!

Translation : Happiness is actually really simple .. happy weekend everybody !

BLKqcu5CUAAHj3P.jpg large

Translations by: Admin Carol
Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!
Article by: The Princess Line ~

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