130528 Super Junior Twitter & Blog & Facebook Updates: Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Henry, Shindong & Ryeowook

Sungmin’s Blog Update ~ Poor Ming >.<

Trans/Pic cr Nk subs
Title: Getting an acupuncture ㅠㅠ

Message: hungg… It hurts~~~~~

For tomorrow!!!!


Siwon’s Twitter Update ~ #ok Siwon

Sing to the Lord – Hillsong United

Eunhyuk’s Twitter Updates ~ T_T so handsome ~

Trans cr nksubs

Ah, I’m craving vegetable pancakes. My strength is lacking in practice*

(He’s making a pun here because the phrase “lacking strength” is same as the word “vegetable pancakes”- “부침 (boochim)”)


Siwon’s Twitter Update ~ ok we won’t get mixed up >.<

Its gabriel. 😦 “@WONindonesia: 130528 @siwon407 at SM with his black audi R8 (via: J880203)”


Siwon’s Twitter Update ~ oh gosh Shisus you love that car lol

not changed color. He is RE-Born ;^)

Henry’s Twitter Update ~ Go !! ❤

Trans cr Nksubs

ah, i’m boredddd… Should I go to the radio today too?! Hehe

ShinDong’ Facebook Update ~ OMG SQUEALS

Via SG13elieve

Me & Nari ❤


Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Omo Henry, you did end up going ? Cute ~ :3
Trans Cr : NKsubs
Everyone, download Sukira App today and let’s meet soon at 10 o’clock!! kk with Henry, at a cafe. (Camera sound) Kya
BLWldIMCYAAuZ-G.jpg large
Article by: The Princess Line ~
Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.

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