130530 Super Junior Twitter Updates: Donghae, Ryeowook, Kangin, Siwon & Shindong

Donghae’s Twitter Update ~ Have a nice day too~

Have a good day^^


Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ OMG TOO MUCH HENWOOK !!!

Trans Cr : NKsubs

The weather is great ^^ and Henry’s articles too, wow! Who told you to bite your finger like that kkkk Quality beyond the title of “SM’s First Solo in 13 Years”~ Hyung, as a fellow member, is very proud ^^ I love you Henry ~♥

BLe5t0yCUAA7oU-.jpg large

Note : Wookie also changed his Twitter dp to this pic. Again, too much Henwook !!!

Kangin’s Twitter update ~ Support support ^^

Trans Cr : Teukables

EXO is finally (having) a comeback today(.) Everyone(,) please give them lots of support(.) They are really dongsaengs that knows how to be thankful(,) works hard and does well(.) Kids(,) fighting(.) Win everyone and come back(.) Show (everything) and come back~~~ watch Mcountdown live ㅋ

Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ Not gonna tell us what happened Wook ?

Trans Cr : NKsubs

I want to rest a bit today~ While watching Jang YunJeong noona’s Healing Camp episode, I thought I should become an optimistic person like her.. I should worry about doing well myself~ ^^ Bye ~

Siwon’s Twitter update ~ Lols you are like a God there !

Dear loving Indonesian families. We are finally coming tomorrow to see you. I cannot wait to see all… :^)

Siwon’s Twitter update ~ … a finger holder … was it REBORN ? 😉 Gosh you funny attractive person !!! ❤

see you tomorrow my indonesia. with finger holder keeep! :^)

BLgkX8zCMAEreBN.jpg large

Shindong’s Twitter update ~ EXO is really getting a lot of love !

Trans Cr : NKsubs

Wolves!! There is a Game Over!! There is nothing to say.. It’s the best performance of 2013!! Let’s go Wolves!! kk EXO_Wolf and Beauty (Wolf)_Music Video (Korean ver.) http://youtu.be/gAal8xHfV0c

Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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