130602: Super Junior Weibo Updates [With Trans]: Siwon & Zhou Mi

Siwon’s new Weibo update ~ Why you only post dm quotes on here ?

Original Post : 说获得了大的东西,也就是失去了小的东西,说获得了生命,也就是有别人牺牲了生命 .. :^) @ChungMinCho

Translation : To say that big things are gained, also means smaller things are loss. To say that life is gained, also means that others have sacrificed (their) lives .. :^) @ChungMinCho

Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Good for you MiMibut that selca looks kinda scary …

Original Post : 昨天不小心从舞台上踩空掉下去,一米八的舞台我竟然一个飞步站稳了没摔倒,让大家受惊了,一切安好!

Translation : Carelessly fell from the stage by stepping on air yesterday, an eight meter stage and I actually steadied my step and didn’t fall over. Made everyone scared, all is safe and well !

BLvN6RzCEAAn-vj.jpg large

Zhou Mi’s new Weibo update ~ Confusing convo between MiMi & 2 dancing queens

Original Post : 感谢两位dance queen关心,右边是顺便嘲笑我肌肉吗,猛男最后恭喜dance star@missA霏 第一名!了不起 //@missA佳:哎呀〜你那小肌肉还能承受住啊? 还是去检查下吧!膝盖什么的!那么高掉下去! //@missA霏:注意注意

Translation : Thank you for the concern from the two dance queens, besides that (you) are making fun of my muscles ? Manly man lastly also congratulates dance star @missA霏 first place ! Bravo ! //@missA佳: Ai ah ~ That little bit of muscle you have is able to steady ? Ought to go and get a check up ! Knees or wherever ! Fell for that high ! //@missA霏: Caution caution

Translations by: Admin Carol
Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!
Article by: The Princess Line ~

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