130603 Super Junior Twitter: Siwon, Kangin & Ryeowook

Siwon’s Tweet :^) – i still find this smiley face creepy lol

Thanks jakarta.. :^) you are really amazing.. see you tomorrow :^) gnite


Kangin’s Tweet ~ sweet kang bear

trans cr teukables

arrived in Korea(.) Jakarta Supershow 5 ELF was really enjoyable(.) Thank you so much and congratulations on the 7th anniversary(.) Lets quickly meet again~~^^

Siwon’s Tweet ~ siwon square is at it again xD

I will go to Pacific Place Lv.4, Jl.Jendral Sudirman Kav.53-53, Sudriman Cental Business District (SCBD), JAKARTA 12190 around 1:30 today

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ I more than like this too I love it ~ hehehee

Trans cr nksubs

Kyuhyun-ah, the song is really great ^^!!! As soon as I arrived in Korea, I (listened to it) ~! I pressed ‘Like’ kk Love Dust b


Kangin’s Tweet ~ OMG KangBear you are such an Appa ❤

Trans Cr : NKsubs

oho, our Bumkey’s ‘Crazy Love’ has been released digitally~~~~ You are my friend but I am really a fan of yours; I’d really like to stand on the stage and sing together with you. Bumkey-ya, fighting~~~^^

@jaewoos2545 Hyung, at the awards, our Kyuhyun-ee is there too. Please take care of him well kkkk

Siwon’s Tweet ~ Maybe God will make it rain on you to cool you down 😉

OMG.. Cabe..? Realllyyyyyyy spicyyyyyyyy…. help me…..

BL1kNqnCEAERu_Q.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ Sweetie, did your parents ever teach you you don’t thank your stalkers ? No ? Didn’t think so …

Thank you see you there dear! Hahaha “@siwonINA: [PIC] Siwon flight schedule today pic.twitter.com/9yS7CDMtQu

BL1PRZyCUAAwanl.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ Who is this Jocelyn ?!?! Go Maddy, Attack !

Hotel Mulia. thank you so much for your kind hospitality. see you again. especially thank you jocelyn :^) God bless!

BL2BeUtCcAAkQEY.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ Those Grandps glasses didn’t look good on YeYe so it’s not doing it for me when you wear them either

take off now. thank you indonesia. love you all. I will pray for you all now. God bless :^)

BL2UvG1CEAE16VW.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ ‘Rock you ~’ Hehe anyone rmber this from Happy Camp ?


BL2VWvvCQAAD6b5.jpg large

Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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