130627 Super Junior Twitter Updates: Ryeowook & Siwon

Ryeowook’s Twitter update ~ such a good hyung T_T

Trans cr NKsubs

With Kyungsoo and JongDae ~The recording room picture that I talked about yesterday on the broadcast ~^^




Ryeowook’s Twitter Update

Sunday morning ~♬



Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ hehehe cake from the competition??

Cake that Eunhyuk-ee hyung won’t like if he knows kkk Thank you~ Hyung was really touched~!!!! ^^

BNvbJ79CcAAiny4 (1)

Ryeowook’s twitter Update  ~ well once ss5 Aus is announced you’ll know if it does !

Trans cr Nk Subs

(I hope) Everyone’s wishes come true ~!!! Everyone, fighting for today too ~^^



Siwon’s Twitter Update~ Siwon  you confuse me :/
two guys eating “ppatbingsu” now. why are you embarassed daniel…. weird…. focus on ppatbingsu please…. Not me


Article by – The Princess Line ~

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.


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