130701 Super Junior Twitter Update: Siwon Henry Yesung

Siwon Twitter

“happy birthday my brother leeteuk! always love you.”


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Henry’s Twitter

“c u soon hk!!!”

“good morning!!”

(how cute he is!!!! how someone doesn’t love him!!)

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“typhoon?! no way ! how is it over there? is everyone ok?”


Yesung’s Twitter

http://flitto.com  에 써주시는 소중한마음들 .. 언어는다르지만 세상은참편해졌으니 너무좋다 .. 모두편안한밤되길 ^^

all the precious things written on flitto.com .. Although they are in different languages, it’s so nice that the world is so convenient nowadays .. I hope everyone has a good night ^^


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Trans by @WorldwideELFs
Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.
Article by: Umma Sunnie ~

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