130714 Super Junior Twitter Update: Siwon, Ryeowook & Yesung

Siwon’s Twitter Update ~ Death by Choi so early in the morn T__T

I just woke up. swollen face. btw good morning :^)


Yesung’s Twitter update ~ Have  fun…. refreshing ^^

Raining… gotta refresh at whystyle!

Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ YUMMY !!

Trans cr: Teukables

(food from) the shrimp trunk is delicious ^^ in Hawaii


Ryeowook’s Twitter Update~ Woah such a pretty beach !

Trans cr: Teukables

Verification of the clothes that Younghee-noona (and) Seo Taehoonnie gave me as a birthday present ㅋㅋ thank you ~^^!!! in Hawaii


Siwon’s Twitter Update~ Well hello handsome ;^)

I made this one for you all. enjoy :^)

Ryeowook’s Twitter Update ~ Naaaaw ❤

Trans cr NKsubs

Super Junior`s Kiss the Radio, Battle of Stories (submitted by listeners) special with EXO Chen Vs Baekhyun !!! Called (Battle to make stories better) concept is that you`ll have to leave right~away if you lose k if you win, you stay with me and say farewell at the end ^___^ go go


Yesung’s Twitter update ~ me too 😦

 ah… i wish there was a time machine …

BPIGon9CIAAqrkb (1)

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.
Article by: 1/2 of The Princess Line 😦

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