[BULK ORDER] Super Junior Japanese Album 1st “Hero”

SuperAusELF is doing another bulk order !! We will be doing this one through Woonvoice!

Details on the three different versions:
Ver. A [2CD+DVD]
The First limited version.long sized case+ PHOTO BOOKLET 48P
Price:48USD + shipping fee (share the shipping fee from Japan to Australia + to ur state shipping)
First limited version with a random jacket card

Price:26USD + Shipping fee (as above)
A random jacket card

Ver. C [CD+DVD]<E.L.F-JAPAN Limited>
Price:35USD + Shipping fee (as above)
・An off shot trading card
・paper craft

The E.L.F-JAPAN version product amount is limited. For all the versions we will close the order on the 25th of July (after this we will know the shipping costs) ! Payment is due the 30th of July. If you are interested in to buy the “Hero” Album please send us an e-mail (superauselfs@yahoo.com.au) with all your details as below.
Address: (with state)
Product: A:2CD+DVD×[ ] B:CDonly×[ ] C:ELFver×[ ]
Total price: (only for the product)

We are going to order the album from Woonvoice japan (the same fanbase we ordered through for Promise You).  For more details about each version check out Woonvoice’s site: https://www.facebook.com/WoonvoiceJAPAN?fref=ts
cr. woonvoice japan


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