130805 Super Junior Twitter Update: Siwon, Donghae, Henry, Shindong, Kangin & Ryeowook

Siwon’s Twitter update

Good Morning BKK :^)


Donghae’s Twitter update ~ Amen-ing as per usual

Translation cr: Nk subs

amen ^^ RT @ChungMinCho: the problem in the roots… Cannot be solved in the stem nor the branches. Unless you solve the problem of the roots in the roots… The problem will only grow bigger and more complicated.

Siwon’s Twitter update ~ get one with hae as well! wouldn’t want him getting jelly !!

but still with you Mr.Anchovy @AllRiseSilver LOVE!


Henry’s Reply to Siwon’s Tweet Henry you don’t know what your asking for I suggest you run and hide XD

what about me … i thought you loved ME…“@siwon407: but still with you Mr.Anchovy @AllRiseSilver


Shindong’s Twitter Update ~

Trans + Note cr Nksubs

Popopo ^^ You’ve worked hard!! It was nice to meet you when I was young~ and you embraced me when I was Donggri Dong Dong~ when parting, I said “Let’s meet again~” but .. We might never meet again now.. A great memory in my life, Popopo. Thank you! Donggri Dong Dong !! Don’t forget (Donggri Dong Dong)!!!!


NT: Popopo kids show is ending, and Shindong’s name in the show was Donggri Dong Dong.

Kangin’s Tweet ~ :O you look good Kang bear !!
Trans cr nk subs

Super Show 5 Thailand, my body looks like electric roasted chicken kk Did I put on too much oil k


Siwon’s Reply to Henry’s Tweet ~ What does B.I.L. mean ?? Big Idiot Lau ???

my B.I.L.. see you in taiwan.

Henry’s RT ~ HANDSOME !!

@SMTOWNGLOBAL: Check out @henrylau89‘s Thailand Promotion photos on SMTOWN FB page: https://t.co/4DXWBCKIjr

Ryeowook’s Twitter updates/ Convo ~  Have fun at Radio tonight !!

Trans cr :Nk Subs

Trans @ryeong9: Put your tongue in? kk there are traffics… come safely~~^^ @Minwoo0208: The weather keeps changing~ I will go to Sukira recording and come back! pic.twitter.com/6OrwRaSIsj

@Minwoo0208: ak kk I put my tongue out on purpose kk why did you say that to make me feel awkward? kk I’ll arrive soon! k RT @ryeong9: … http://tmi.me/14chvi

@ryeong9: I will make you leave in the middle of recording kkkk but the traffic jam is really bad, noona ㅜ @ladyJane_: @Minwoo0208 @ryeong9 You two are loud. Both of you, hurry up and come here.”

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.
Article by: The Princess Line

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