130805-06 Super Junior Weibo Updates [With Trans]: Siwon & Zhou Mi

Siwon’s Post ~ Love nature

Original Post : 树根的问题…从树干和树枝是绝对解决不了的。树根发生的问题如果不从树根解决的话…问题只会变的更大更复杂… :^) @ChungMinCho

Translation : The problem with tree roots … between the dried tree and the tree branches it is absolutely unsolvable. If the problems started by the tree roots are not solved through the tree roots … the problem will become bigger and more complicated … :^) @ChungMinCho

Siwon’s Post ~ What about the rest of the world ? :^(

Original Post : 曼谷,早上好 :^)

Translation : Good morning Bangkok :^)

BQ-MyqxCIAADqJU.jpg large

Siwon’s Post ~ *Hoping I translated it correctly*

Original Post : 世界上没有人乐意被轻视. 但万一当自己被轻视的时候,绝对不愿意就此放过的人其实最容易去看轻他人.. :^) @ChungMinCho

Translation : There are no people in this world who willingly allows themselves to be scorned down upon. But when one is being scorned down yet unwilling to let go of such action, those people have a higher chance of scorning down on others .. :^) @ChungMinCho

Zhou Mi’s Post ~ Pretty ^^

Original Post : 新专辑造型太美了!再次祝静儿生日快乐

Translation : The album concept is too pretty ! Once again wishing Claire a Happy Birthday

BQ-M1HoCEAA2rhD.jpg large

Translations by: Admin Carol
Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!
Article by: The Princess Line ~

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