130807 Super Junior Twitter Update: Siwon, Kangin & Sungmin

Siwon’s Tweet ~ So … who won the ‘Siwon’ again ? 😉

Winner of Siwon Congratulations thanks all hahaha

BQ_oAbgCMAA2uyh.jpg large

Kangin’s Tweet ~ What are you excited about ? ^^

Trans Cr : NK Subs

Ah i’m here. I thought about this place. Oho~ I’m excited kk

BQ_zidUCAAAirhy.jpg large

Kangin’s Tweet ~ I would wanna be an auntie if that means I get some love …

Trans Cr : NK Subs

Serona chicken, how long has it been? Aha, i’m excited. How many times am I getting excited today kkk auntie remembers how i was before debut. I love you~~

BRAQvFrCYAAksh2.jpg large

Sungmin’s tweet ~ I rather you curse cause it dun really make sense now 😦

Trans Cr : NK Subs

@/Say_boy03 why are you summoning me again~! Kk I hope the weather will be good today.. I got a carwash!! This soy bean paste soup*!!! But I hope you have a happy day..

*he’s avoiding cursing ㅋㅋ

BRB2sZICQAADtgI.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ You want us to keep going, or stop ? 😉

please typing on my face.

BRCV0M6CMAADgRm.jpg large

Siwon’s Tweet ~ Wow Siwon!nerd is kinda hot :O .. well he could be if he showed me his eyes

FINALLY! i bought batman’s figure and his motocycle.. Im SO EXCITING now. yayyyyy!

Siwon’s Tweet~ Well Siwon knows how we feel when he is shirtless on stage now :O

Yes… this is how i feel right now..


Kangin’s Tweet~ Sweet Kang Bear !

Trans cr Teukables

With the friends that I met at the filming site of Bumkey’s new song ㅋㅋㅋ Bumkey-ya(, I hope that your new song) becomes a big hit


Donghae’s Tweet ~ I love the song too ~ Such a cute promoter ~

Trans cr Teukables

Really strongly recommending the great.vocal group Ivoice(IVoice)’s 4th single “Love Song”~ The song is good(,) everyone please try to listen to it too~♡


Donghae’s Tweet ~ as aa side note Peter from One way features in this song he is the producer of a lot of Eunhae’s songs

Trans cr Teukables

Watch Ivoice(I VOICE) 4th Single – “LOVE SONG” -MV- on Youtube

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.

Article by : The Princess Line

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