130808 SUPER JUNIOR TWITTER UPDATE [With Trans]: Ryeowook, Henry, Zhou Mi & Siwon

Ryeowook’s Tweet ~ Such a supportive Hyung !!

Trans cr nk subs

See you soon at the radio ~!!!! I am anticipating~~>< Minwoo-yah, fighting ~~~!!!! @ZEA_MW: Really not much time left~~~kk

Henry’s Tweet ~ C u on my laptop ~

c u soon taiwan!

Zhou Mi’s Tweet ~ Woah ! Handsome :3

Original Tweet:  想我了吗?kkkkkk

Trans: Miss me ? kkkkkk


Siwon’s Reply to Zhou Mi’s tweet ~ hahaha will you do kinda look alike in this !

Trans cr Nksubs

I thought that was me, Zhou Mi-ya kk

Henry’s Tweet ~

Original Tweet:  我回來了!謝謝那麼多人來接我!很想你們!

Trans:  I’m back ! Thank you for having so many ppl to pick-up me! Miss you guys very much !


Siwon’s Tweet ~

Trans cr: pkposh

Trans Via : Nksubs

My silly baby who’s been waiting for me, please wait for a little while. I’ll be back very soon :^)


ZhouMi’s Reply to Siwon’s Tweet

Trans cr: Teukables

” I thought that was me(,) Zhoumi-yaㅋㅋ” hahahahaha my siwon,i love you~

Zhou Mi’s Tweet ~ Kekeke

Trans Cr : NK-Subs

expressions are funny kk

BRJewfvCcAAyxKn.jpg large

Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.

Chinese translations by: Admin Carol (SuperAusELFs)

Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!
Article by: The Princess Line

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