130824 Happy Birthday Yesung ~ Compilation of his Solos ~

For ELF, today is the birthday of two very important people; one of which is Yesung, and the other Jongwoon. Remember when he said on Twitter its time to say good bye to Yesung and say hello to Jongwoon instead ? The Yesung who brings out the deepest emotions within every song, the one who makes us laugh with jokes, the one who makes us cry with emotion, and the one who … makes us cringe with the octopus dance. He told us to say ‘see you later’ to Yesung, and focus on Jongwoon. The Jongwoon who is doing his part in serving for their country, the Jongwoon who visits Mobit often, the Jongwoon who still takes as many selcas as before, and the Jongwoon who always mixes up the orders at Mobit. Today, ELF will celebrate the birthday of the Yesung who is in our memories, and of Jongwoon who is in our hearts.


Our wishes for Yesung include :

1. Not falling off the stage ever again

2. Coming out with an actual album with all the OSTs he sang

3. Get global recognition on his octopus dance

4. Successfully get the master key every time they go overseas from manager

5. Touch all the philtrums !!!


Our wishes for Jongwoon include :

1. Stay safe, happy and healthy during your training

2. Bring in lots of money for your family

3. Always feel loved by everyone around you

4. Don’t forget ELF

5. Don’t let Yesung stay away for too long, we love you both


Do you have any wishes you want to add on for either Yesung or Jongwoon ? ^_^

We have compiled a list of Yesung’s solo songs in commemoration of his birthday~  So sit back and enjoy our lovely YeYe’s voice!

(Credits to those who have posted the videos onto youtube)


His OST’S ~

Yesung is our OST King, singing hit songs for some of the most popular dramas. Let’s have a listen to them !

The most famous one Cinderella Sister’s OST – It has to be You 

Are You Ready ~ Attack of the Pin Up Boys

Yesung & Jang Hyejin: I am behind you –This is actually a single that was released

Loving You from Sungmin’s Drama “The President”

“Warrior Baek Dongsoo” OST  – Live for one day

The Trap of the North Gate ~ for his musical “Namhansansung”

Waiting for You ~ Paradise Ranch OST (Changmin from DBSK’s Drama)

Siwon’s Drama “King of Dramas ” – Blind for Love

It’s her Over Flowers ~ I do,I Do OST

Gray Paper ~ Composed by Kangta was the last OST he recorded before he entered into the army for the drama “Winter that the Wind Blows”


His Immortal Song solos~

Yesung was one of the original cast members for Immortal song ! He did very well on the show, although he was unsuccessful at first, he got there in the end (although in our hearts he one every single show he was in) ! He won with “The More I Love”  So sit back and enjoy these amazing performances

The First Poem

A Man ~

The More I Love- He also performed this as ss4 Tokyo


Yesung’s Covers

Yesung has done some amazing covers whether it be a part of a super show, on Sukira on varitiy shows ! Here are some of the many (if we’ve missed any let us know)

My Love By My Side 

That Man ~ An Ost from the hit drama “Secret garden”

The Greatest Story All Over The World ~ JULY CCM Concert

I’ll Love You

Waiting For You


In My Arms 

Love is Really Painful – With Leeteuk

지금 만나러 가요 with Sungmin

KTR Cuts ~

The Road to Me 

Love Recipe – with Beige

DBSK’s Hug ~ With Leeteuk

Like a Child + It Has To Be You rock vers

Promise ~ With Leeteuk

Splendid Love– With Leeteuk

Love Without Regrets – With Leeteuk

I Do 

Free To Fly 

Gaseum Ahpado

T.O.P ~ Shinhwa

Marry Me on 1000 Songs Challenge

Please on 1000 song Challenge

More 1000 Song Challenge Cuts

Forget Me ~ 

A Person of Destiny ~ KRY Concert in Japan

Lonely Love ~ On Super Junior Foresight

I Love You

Doll ~ ss1 with Leeteuk

Resignation – SS2

The Song That Goes Like This – Spamalot musical

Brave Brave Sir Robin – Spamalot musical

Snow Flower ~ on His and Teuk’s show “Love Pursuit”

Breakup’s are So Like me ~ Originally sung by Heechul and Junghoon



Article by : Admin Sunnie, Vic & Carol


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